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Kokomo Population

The Kokomo Tribune July 27th page one headline: “Brainstorming ways to boost population”. I read that and thought, “Why?”. The article said we are in for tough days ahead if our population does not grow. It said we are making … Continue reading

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Sixth Mass Extinction

[Reprint of article by Dr. Paul R Ehrlich; 11 July 2017] It’s simple. It’s us. The more people there are, the more habitats we destroy. Human civilization can only survive if the population begins to shrink. One should not need … Continue reading

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Obama’s Travels

News Flash to B.H. Obama: you are no longer President. You are an ordinary citizen! Citizen Obama should follow the lead of former President George H. Bush and other US Presidents before him. But, no, he is paddling around the … Continue reading

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