Into the DARK

The House of Representatives passed the DARK bill (HR 1599) on July 24th, 2015. The legislation passed 275 to 150. All Indiana Representatives voted for the bill but one, Andre Carson. The legislation is now on to the Senate for consideration.gmolaws-small

This legislation in effect blocks all action by any state to require labeling of genetically engineered foods. Further, it negates any actions already taken; Vermont being the prime target. Some 64 countries including China and Russia require labeling of foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. The United States does not.

If you want the full story, I suggest you read the books, “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” and “Uncertain Peril”. You will be shocked at the manipulation done by the large chemical/seed companies and other biotechnology enterprises including many in the scientific community who protect their paychecks.

This technology is a train wreck waiting to happen. It is not precise as claimed. Consequences are not predictable. No long term safety testing has been done for human health or for environmental health. Once released into the environement, the “gene-ie” is out of the bottle, never to be retrieved.

In agriculture, all that has been done has been in the name of greed and control. We, the people, are the losers.


About Kent Blacklidge Ph.D.

As part of a newspaper family who owned a 34,000 daily newspaper in the heart of the Midwest, I have a passion for a strong “Fourth Estate”, the press. Without a diligent and assertive free press, the power would be taken from the people. People have the absolute right to know. After earning a degree in Industrial Management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue, I spent over 20 years in newspaper management with several as publisher. I am also holder of three graduate science degrees including a Ph.D.. I have a passionate interest in science and the environment. I have little tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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