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Open Letter to the Associated Press

The Kokomo (IN) Tribune published an article from the Associated Press on April 7th about genetically modified (engineered) foods. The headline in the KT was “Food of the future?”; New wave of GMOs: pink pineapples, purple tomatoes. In my opinion, … Continue reading

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Only in Kokomo

This just could not be passed up. I have gone by this little “Mom and Pop” restaurant hundreds of times. Every time I smile. I know from where the neon sign came. There used to be a craftsman in Kokomo … Continue reading

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Agriculture Factories

There is a TEDx video that all should see. It is about factory animal production (CAFO: concentrated animal feeding operation); what they are and what they have done to agriculture. The speaker, Michele Merkel, was an attorney that worked for … Continue reading

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