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Poison Spring

If you want a book that will open your eyes to the politics in the Environmental Protection Agency, “Poison Spring” is it. It is hard to believe how the chemical and big agriculture companies have corrupted this agency meant to … Continue reading

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At War

In case you have not noticed, we are in a world wide religious war. The Islamic ISIS radicals have vowed to raise the flag of Islam over the White House. They have proven to be barbaric, blood thirsty, and insane; … Continue reading

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The Chinese Are Coming

Hang on to your farm land and your homes. The Chinese are on the move. In China, pollution has created an asthma epidemic, food safety scares are commonplace, and China’s economic pace ebbs. The country’s wealthiest are on the move … Continue reading

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The Hellbender

You likely have never heard of the Hellbender salamander and just as likely don’t care. This critter is about as ugly as one could imagine. They grow to two or more feet long, are slimy looking, and live in swift-flowing … Continue reading

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There has been much criticism around the world of what the Israel Defense Force is doing in Gaza. Our Secretary of Defense, John Kerry, is one of those critics. In two words, the critics should “ZIP IT!” I cannot imagine … Continue reading

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Illegals Again

There was a panel of talking heads on Fox News discussing the Mexican border mess. To a person, they severely criticized our vacationing “President” for lack of leadership. Obama is becoming so non-presidential it is cause for deep concern among … Continue reading

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