Just now on the O’Riley show on Fox TV, Geraldo Rivera said, in answer to a question about why President Obama was losing support among Latinos, that Obama was just trying to honestly govern as President from the middle. I don’t know what planet Rivera lives on, but it is not the same one that I live on. Rivera went on to say that Latinos were a strong voting block for Obama in the 2008 election because they expected him to address immigration reform (code words) as promised during the Presidential campaign. As one would expect, Geraldo Rivera strongly favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. One would never guess why.

Another portion of the discussion between O’Riley and Rivera centered on what is happening in Afghanistan. Rivera just returned from spending a significant period of time with our troops there. He reports that we are “kicking butt” against the Taliban. He reported we are killing 10 to 100 times more Taliban than they are killing us. The only reservation he seems to have is that we are fighting to support what is clearly a completely corrupt from top to bottom President Hamid Karzai government. I have to ask what are we really doing there anyhow, but that is a whole other story.

Geraldo Rivera’s credibility seems to be fading. He does acceptably well when reporting straight action news, but when he traverses to the opinion side; not so good. Maybe he should stick to reporting.


About Kent Blacklidge Ph.D.

As one of a newspaper family who owned a 34,000 daily newspaper in the heart of the Midwest for 85 years, I have a deep belief in a strong “Fourth Estate”, the press. Without a diligent, truthful, and assertive free press, the power would be taken from the people. People have the absolute right to know. After earning a degree in Industrial Management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue, I spent over 20 years in newspaper management with several as publisher. I also hold three graduate science degrees including a Ph.D.. I have a passionate interest in science, the environment, government, and politics. I have very little tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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